Smiling in Islam

smiley-163510_960_720The Religion of Islam is comprehensive, there does not exist a part of life which this Religion does not encompass. We as followers of this way of life should try to learn and act upon it completely. Even if the action is insignificant in our eyes, in the sight of Allah it could be monumental. We should exhaust every effort in trying to ornament our lives in the hereafter, as Allah has made it very simple to do so.

Now, one easy way to gain good deeds, without any hardship, is we smile to our siblings in Religion. The Prophet (SAW) was a mercy to all the worlds, he taught us to always greet people with a cheerful countenance. Jarir ibn Abdullah (RA) narrates: “Whenever Nabi (SAW) saw me, he smiled at me” (Bukhari) What an amazing sight that must have been! The most beautiful of creation, both in appearance and character, smiling at you, no wonder the Companions adored him.

This is the way that one of the Companions described the Prophet; “Nabi’s blessed face would be beaming like the full moon when he was happy”  (Bukhari) Even though the Prophet (SAW) had such immense worry and concern for his community, he would seldom be seen without a resplendent smile illuminating his radiant face.

The Prophet (SAW) would smile whenever he had the chance, this was one of the countless reasons his Companions felt at ease by his side despite his unreachable status. It has been reported by Abu Dharr (RA) that; “The Prophet told me to never consider any good deed as insignificant, even though it be meeting a fellow brother with a pleasant and smiling countenance” (Muslim) This is something so easily acted upon, yet we find ourselves lacking in his regard. A smile is something which rarely flickers across our face. What hardship are we enduring that is greater than the tribulations that the Prophet (SAW) went through? We truly have no excuse. Some of us seem to have scowls chiseled into our faces, this is not the Prophetic way.

The Companions were steadfast in emulating the Prophet (SAW), they were not reluctant or lethargic, Umm ad-Darda (RA) narrates that Abu Darda (RA) always smiled during the course of speech. She once told him that it should not be that people consider him a fool due to the habit. He said, “Never did I see Nabi speaking, except that he would be smiling as well” (Ahmad)  Look at the extent to which this noble Companion went to, just to mimic his beloved. We think that we will be seen as foolish if we smile, we, especially the brothers, have this warped perception of masculinity that it entails never smiling. Yet, this was the way of the strongest of men. True honour and respect will only be attained by implementing the Sunnah unconditionally.

Think of the astounding reward we will be allocated on the Day of Judgement if we smiled with the intention of following the Prophet (SAW), we cannot even comprehend such a thing. The Prophet (SAW) has assured us of the virtues of smiling as he has stated, “Every good deed is charity, and meeting your fellow Muslim with a smiling and cheerful countenance is a good deed” (Tirmidhi) The unfortunate reality is that it is very easy to accumulate good deeds, but we squander the abundant opportunities to bring them into existence. The only ones who lose out are our own selves. Let us make a resolution to take advantage of these opportunities.

May Allah give us the ability to keep us smiling in this world and the next. May he allow us to gain his closeness.



Author: Al-Faysal Ali

Student of knowledge. Avid reader. History addict.

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