Swearing: A vulgar habit


If you were to pass by a group of Muslim youth, the first thing that your ears would pick up on would be the amount of foul language being thrown around. Now, if you are to ask any intelligent individual, any cultured or civilised human being: ‘what do you think of a person who swears?’ they would most certainly reply with the words ‘vulgar’, ‘unintelligent’, ‘crass’, ‘unrefined’. If this is the case then why do Muslims indulge in this?

Are the believers unaware? Verily Allah states: “O you who have believed, let not a people ridicule [another] people; perhaps they may be better than them; nor let women ridicule [other] women; perhaps they may be better than them. And do not insult one another and do not call each other by [offensive] nicknames. Wretched is the name of disobedience after [one’s] faith. And whoever does not repent – then it is those who are the wrongdoers.” (49:11) Here the Creator is telling his creation explicitly the disgusting nature of using foul language. He neither likes it nor does it suit a believer that he uses it.

The Beloved Prophet has said: “O ‘Aaishah! Have you ever seen me speaking a bad and dirty language? (Remember that) the worst people in Allah’s sight on the Day of Resurrection will be those whom the people desert or leave in order to save themselves from their dirty language or from their transgression.” (Bukhari) Are we from this category of people? This was not the message the Prophet came with. He was sent to perfect a person’s character. It is a point of lamentation that Muslims are no longer known as the people of character, the people of etiquette, the community of manner. They are known as quite the opposite.

In regards to speech Allah has said: “and speak kindly to mankind” (2:83) It is as though our lives are in complete contradiction to this verse. We curse as though we know no other words. Online it’s worse, you cannot go 2 minutes online without a person swearing and cursing, complaining about something or someone… Using language that would make most Rappers blush.

What is the result of those who are in the habit of spewing profanity? The Prophet has informed us: “The inmates of Hell are of five types….” And among them he mentioned “…the miser, the liar and those who are in the habit of abusing people and using obscene and foul language.” (Muslim) I’ll let you decide if using foul language is worth it. If it is as harmless as people would like to believe.

A most brilliant hadith which can sum up this topic effectively are the words of the Prophet: “Whoever believes in God the Last Day must speak good or keep silent.” (Bukhari) How tranquil world we would reside in be if the masses would just act upon this piece of advice? Alas, we have left the way of the Prophet. As a result we find our lives riddles with problems and trials, most of them could have been avoided if we had inculcated the way of the Prophet in our lives.

May Allah give us the ability to follow the Way of the Prophet. May he forgive us and allow us to repent for our misdeeds. Ameen.



Author: Al-Faysal Ali

Student of knowledge. Avid reader. History addict.

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